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Your QR Code in 3 Steps

Creating your QR codes is extremely simple.


Choose the type of QR code that you need


Customize and design of your QR code


Download and print your new QR code

QR Codes For Everything

Whatever type of QR code you need, we've got you covered.


Link to any website URL


Show a PDF


Share your digital business card

List of links

Share multiple links


Share information about your business


Share multiple images


Share a video


Redirect to an app store


Share a coupon


Share an audio file


Create a restaurant menu


Connect to a Wi-Fi network


Packed with everything you need in a QR Code Generator.

Track Scans & Analytics

Track where your scans are coming from (country, city, device, browser)

Editable After Printing

You can edit your codes even after printing them

Full Customization

Customize your QR code to match your brand guidelines

Unlimited QR Codes

Create as many QR codes as you need

Unlimited Scans

No limit of scans for any of your QR codes

QR Codes For Every Need

We have a QR code for every need you may have

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have another question reach out at hello@qrcode-koala.com

Do your QR codes have a scan counter?

Yes, QR Koala QR codes include a scan counter that tracks the number of times each code is scanned, providing useful analytics for you.

Is there a limit to the number of scans?

No, QR Koala QR codes can be scanned an unlimited number of times without any restrictions, ensuring continuous usability.

Can they be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, QR Koala QR codes are designed for both personal and commercial use, allowing businesses to leverage them for various applications.

Do the QR codes expire?

No, QR Koala QR codes do not expire, ensuring that they remain functional and usable indefinitely after creation with any of our plans.

Can I edit the QR codes after printing them?

Yes, you can edit QR Koala's dynamic QR codes even after they have been printed, offering flexibility for updates.

Is there a limit to how many QR codes I can create?

No, with QR Koala, there is no limit on the number of QR codes you can create, allowing unlimited generation.

Can I add my company logo?

Yes, QR Koala allows you to add your company logo to the QR codes, providing a branded and professional appearance.

Can I customize my QR code?

Yes, QR Koala offers extensive customization options for your QR codes, including colors, patterns, and logos.

Are QR codes free?

QR Koala offers a 10-day free trial, but after the trial period, a subscription is required to continue using the service.

Why on other websites they offer free QR codes?

Other websites may offer free static QR codes but often with limitations while QR Koala offers dynamic customizable QR codes with analytics and tracking.

What are dynamic QR codes?

Dynamic QR codes, provided by QR Koala, can be edited and tracked even after printing, offering flexibility and analytics.

What is the difference with other websites?

QR Koala stands out by offering unlimited scans, extensive customization options, and dynamic QR codes that don't expire.



Powerful, yet simple QR code generator suited to all your QR code needs as a business or as an individual.

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